The Model 40    
And other Dubuque built Tractors of the 50's

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2 Cylinder Expo - Peosta, Iowa

This is a 40C 5-roller. A good side view of the 40C. 


A nice 430C Orchard.  The orchard fenders were an aftermarket product.  
Deere's first production crawler, the Lindeman BO with rubber track pads. Another Lindeman BO on display shows the operator controls.
JD 430C equipped with a three point hitch. Close up view of the 430C 3 point hitch.  This was not a common option on these crawlers.
JD 440IC equipped with JD90 loader and scarifier.
JD MI with a mounted front blade.  These were bought by many municipalities for snow removal. JD MC with Integral Tool Carrier.
A 430CLP with the rare hard nose.  This has the silencer muffler, deluxe seat, and rubber street pads.  Likely the only one left in this configuration. This rear view of the LP 430C shows the GearMatic winch and deluxe seat available on the late 420 and 430 crawlers.
A 430F (Forklift).  This has the silencer muffler and warning light.  Only a very few were built. This is a side view of the 430 Forklift.


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