The Model 40    
And other Dubuque built Tractors of the 50's

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I really like the Dubuque built John Deere tractors.  I have three running models.  We all name our tractors, don't we?  I'd like to introduce you to Sam, Grubworm, and JT.

The 40W

This 40W (Sam) has been in the family since it was bought new in 1955.  It was built 4-1-1955.  It has a 3-point hitch and PTO.  I have cleaned it up but it still needs a little mechanical work to make it restored.

Sam and I get out a few times a year.  This outing was to pull a float in the local Christmas parade.


This was just after I brought Sam to North Carolina, from the farm in Tennessee.

This is the Sam working on the farm in Tennessee.  That's Carl bush-hogging the pasture.


The 40C

This 40C five roller crawler has a modified JD # 61 Blade and grill guard.   This was made the day I brought it home, just after I unloaded it.  The blade has been modified to have two hydraulic cylinders.  This one has been named Grubworm.  It looks a little sad here with it's miss-matched tracks and missing sheet metal.  This one is currently being restored from the undercarriage up.  I'll have photos later, of the restoration, as it progresses.



The 420C

Ok, it isn't a 40 but it is Dubuque built.  This 1957 420C five roller crawler has a JD # 90 Loader.  This is how it looked after I brought it home on a cold January day.  This guy is named JT after the gentleman I bought it from.  It has a 4 speed transmission with a reverser and is also equipped with a speedometer/hour meter.  JT will get a clean coat of paint when the weather warms but will have to wait a while to be restored.


I restore Dubuque tractors.  Now, "restored" mean different things to different people.  I am not building monuments to agricultural mechanics but I applaud the people that have the talent and money to do restoration on that level.  I do try to return my little tractors to good operating condition and like new appearance.   I use all my equipment around the house.  I may push snow from the driveway or pull a float in a parade but they get used.

I also have a few implements to match the 40s.  I would love to find a JD246 two row corn planter to go with the 40W.  That was one of the chores Sam handled while it was used on the farm.  Several acres of corn were planted, cultivated, and picked with that 40W on the Tennessee farm.


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