The Model 40    
And other Dubuque built Tractors of the 50's

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2 Cylinder Expo - Peosta, Iowa

The Expo show grounds. You can see about 1/2 of the tractors on display in this view.

A 1955 40H.

This is a 40H All Fuel. A 40V with the silencer muffler and two front weights. 
A nice 40U with three point hitch.  The 3-point was not standard equipment on the 40U.    
A 40U without a 3-point hitch and painted highway orange. You could special order any color you wanted for an extra charge.  The rims are turned out to get a wider stance. An original 1958 320U built for the Iowa Dept of Highways and equipped with a #20 sickle mower.  It was used to mow the highway roadsides.   It still has the original yellow paint and it's unit number - 53.  The front bumper was an addition by the Highway Dept maintenance shop that never managed to get painted.
A 320U with wheel weights and front weights.
JD 1957 420V owned by Neil Lang. A 1956 420W.  The 420's didn't get their yellow stripe until the 1957 model year.
A 1958 JD 420U equipped with an orchard muffler and power steering owned by Verlan Heberer.  It has a "slant steer" dash, air stack pre-cleaner, and wheel weights. Another tractor owner by Verlan Heberer, a JD 430 Standard with Spin-out rear rims.
JD 330U painted in industrial yellow.  It has a grill guard, headlight guards, warning light, and an unusual orchard muffler mounted on top of the hood. A JD 435 with Spin-out rear rims.  This was Deere's first diesel model tractor.
This is a JD Model L with a rare planter attachment.  

Here are some non-Dubuque built tractors.

This is a JD 840 with a JD 400 Elevating Scraper.  This is owned by John Craig of Mentone, IN.
A rare 1954 JD 70 Standard LP.   This is one bad tractor!  I love it.
A 1931 John Deere unstyled GP.


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