The Model 40 W      
Row Crop configuration

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Model 40W Row Crops were the last model introduced in the John Deere line of 40 tractors.  The serial number plate on these tractors state "40-W" .  This was a two row tractor, popular with many farmers for a variety of jobs.  The 40W did not have far to go when it evolved into the 420W.

You could order special options on your 40W but not as many as on other models.  Lights, cigarette lighter, and front end weights were other popular add-ons.  These options were available on all configurations of the 40.  An All-Fuel version was also available.

Production on the 40W began in October of 1954 for the 55 model year, with serial # 60001 and continued until October of 1955 ending with #77906.  A total of  1,763 were built.  This was an impressive number for just 9 months of production


Horsepower - drawbar 21.7 Horsepower - belt 24.3
Tires - Front 5.00 -15, 6.00 -16 Clearance 17"
Tires - Rear 11.2x10 - 34, 12-28 Width  77 -1/2"
Compression 6.5:1 Length 128"
Gears 4 fwd, 1 rev Height - over hood 56"
Weight 3000 Wheelbase 78  -1/4"
Electrical 6 V Positive ground


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