The Model 40 V      
Special configuration a.k.a. Vegetable

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Model 40 V was a tractor built by Deere to fill a nitch market and most were sold mostly in the southern states.  They had a higher ground clearance than most other tractors in the 40 line. The serial number plate on these tractors state "40-V" .  This tractor was a one row tractor  used in farming bushy crops like tomatoes.  

It had the standard three point hitch.  Lights, cigarette lighter, and front end weights were popular add-ons. 

With only 329 units built, it's the second lowest produced 40.  Production on the 40V began in October of 1954 for the 55 model year, with serial # 60001 and continued until October of 1955 ending with #60329.  


Horsepower - drawbar 21.0 Horsepower - belt 23.6
Tires - Front 5.00 -15 or 6.00 -16 Clearance 26 -1/4"
Tires - Rear 9 - 34 or 10 - 34 Width 74 -1/16"
Compression 6.5:1 Length 124"
Gears 4 fwd, 1 rev Height - over hood 61 -5/8"
Weight 3050 Wheelbase 72 -7/8"

I would like a picture of a 40V to display on this page.  It you have one you would like to share, email to us.  Please include your name, and anything you would like to share about it, and I'll credit you in the caption.


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