The Model 40 U      
Utility configuration A John Deere 40U at the 2-cylinder Expo

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Model 40 Utilities were the orchard tractors of the John Deere 40 series.  The serial number plate on these tractors state "40-U" .  This was a one row tractor, popular with small farming operations and as helper tractor around a larger farm.  They were also very popular with industrial and municipal customers.  It's not uncommon to see a 40U painted orange with a mid-mounted sickle bar mower.  Yellow was another popular color and with a mounted front end loader many were seen loading sand at the local builders supply.

The 40U had the lowest ground clearance of any 40.  It also had a longer wheelbase that provided excellent stability.  An adjustable front axle was standard.  You could order special options on your 40U like a orchard muffler.  This special option moved the muffler from it's usual place, sticking straight up from the hood, to the side with the outlet directed downward. This allowed you to operate the tractor in and around fruit trees with low limbs and not tear the muffler off or have the operator breathing exhaust fumes.  The 3-point hitch and PTO were not standard equipment on these tractors.  They were extra cost optional equipment.  Lights, cigarette lighter, and front end weights were other popular add-ons.  

Production on the 40U began in October of 1953 for the 54 model year, with serial # 60001 and continued until October of 1955 ending with #65208.  A total of 5,208 were built.


Horsepower - drawbar 21.0 Horsepower - belt 23.6
Tires - Front 5.00 -15, 6.00 -16, 7.50 - 16 Clearance 11"
Tires - Rear 10-24, 11-24, 11-26,12-26,13-26 Width 55 -1/2"
Compression 6.5:1  Length 125 -1/2"
Gears 4 fwd, 1 rev Height - over hood 50 -1/4"
Weight 2850 Wheelbase 77 - 3/4"


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