The Model 40 T      
Tricycle configuration

1954 model 40T - R.L. McIntosh, Jr.

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More Model 40 Tricycles were built than any other style of tractor in the 40 family.  The serial number plate on these tractors simply state "40" .  A 40 tractor that has a plate without a  C, S, U, V, or H stamped on it, is a T.  The configuration of the front end makes no difference.   You could get an all-fuel engine as an option on the tractor.

You could order special options on your 40T, like a wide front end.  This option made it more  stable on slopes.  You could also order the single front option, instead of a standard two.  This was popular with some vegetable farmers.  Front end weights were a very popular option ordered from the factory or installed by the dealer.  Lights and hour meter were two other popular add-ons. Remote hydraulic units, for controlling a plow lift or other draft equipment is sometimes installed on these tractors.  

Production on the 40T began in October of 1952 for the 53 model year, with serial # 60001 and continued until October of 1955 ending with #77906.  This was the highest production configuration in the 40 series with a total of  17,905 built.


Horsepower - drawbar 21.7 Horsepower - belt 24.3
Tires - Front 6.00 -16 Clearance 21"
Tires - Rear 11.2x10 - 34 Width  88 -1/2"
Compression 6.5:1 Width short axle 80 -1/2"
Gears 4 fwd, 1 rev Length 130 -5/8"
Weight as tricycle 3000 Height - over hood 58 -3/4"
Electrical 6 V Positive ground Wheelbase 82 -1/4"


Designed and built by DL