The Model 40 H      
High Crop configuration

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Model 40 High Crops were a unique tractor.  The serial number plates on these tractors state "40-H" .  This tractor's ample ground clearance was put to use in farming bushy crops like tomatoes.  Cultivation was one of the more common tasks this tractor performed.

It had an adjustable wheel width.  Not many implements were available but this was a specialized tractor developed for specific tasks.  A weak spot in these tractors is the knees and spindle of the front axles.  Their long length placed a large amount of stress on these parts.  Lights, cigarette lighter, and front end weights were popular add-ons. 

It is the rarest of the 40's with only 294 units built.  Production on the 40H began in September of 1954 for the 55 model year, with serial # 60001 and continued until October of 1955 ending with #60294.  


Horsepower - drawbar 21.7 Horsepower - belt 24.3
Tires - Front 6.50 -16, 7.50 -16 Clearance 31-3/8"
Tires - Rear 10 - 38, 11-38 Width  77 -1/2"
Compression 6.5:1 Length 132"
Gears 4 fwd, 1 rev Height - over hood 67-1/8"
Weight 3400 Wheelbase 80 - 9/16"
Electrical 6 V Positive ground


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