The 330   
And other Dubuque built Tractors of the 50's


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The Model 330 was the replacement for the 320 in the John Deere line of tractors in 1958.   The 330 line was comprised of only 2 rubber wheel tractors.   They were the Standard and Utility configurations.  

Almost everything was optional equipment on the 330 unlike the other John Deere tractors.  This included the PTO, drawbar, and 3 point hitch.   Even the hydraulics and rockshaft were not standard equipment and those without had a plate over the gear opening on the front of the block where the hydraulic pump would normally be.  In addition to the aforementioned items, you could also order such items such as wheel weights or lights.  If you should find a 330 without a 3 point hitch or drawbar, it has probably not been butchered, as some people have thought.

The 330, like the 320 before it, was built from existing parts in the Deere and Company inventory. The tractor had the same sheet metal components as the 430.  The engine was also from the 430 line but used the same M transmission as the 320 did, and model 40 final drives.   The 330 had more horsepower that the previous 320 tractors using that same engine as the 430 but was still a tractor marketed as a low cost model like the 320 was.  The 330 had a new dash.  Following the upward slant dash and steering design introduced on the phase 3 420s but with all new controls designed for operator comfort.  The elimination of the top engine oil fill and breather allowed a sleek new hood and new grill nose design.  New styling made this model appear much different than the previous models.  That was just what the Deere engineers wanted to do. 

Today the 330 is one of the most collectable of the Dubuque built tractors.  Even though other models or configurations had lower productions numbers, the 330 is highly sought after by many.

An Industrial version (330I) was not available as Deere and Company already had plans for the 440.  The 330's were painted just like the 430's, green with yellow hood stripe and yellow wheel rims. There was not a true industrial 330 (330I) but some were painted yellow and 4 were ordered with red paint by an Ohio road department.   Chances are also high that some were painted orange but records are unclear as to that.   A combination of decals were used and the standard changed during the production of these tractors.  This makes defining the correct decal to use in restoration impossible.   

  844 Stanards and 247 Utilities were built.  Exact numbers are not known but some of the 844 Standards were converted to the V-Special configuration.  These were the so called "Southern Special".  They still carried their 330S serial tags.    It is rumored that some were converted by dealers and some by their owners after purchase. It was a Standard with 34" rear tires and 420V front axle and 3 point.

No LP or all-fuel engine 330's were built. Some of the options you could order on your 330 would be a foot throttle, tachometer, or dual Touch-O-Matic lift. 

Production on the 330 began in July of 1958 for the 59 model year, and continued until February of 1960.  A total of 1091 units were built.  The serial numbers ran form 330001 to 331091.  The next tractor got the next number no matter what the type.   

Year Starting Ending
1959 330000 330546
1960 330547 331091


Horsepower - drawbar 26.2 tractor Horsepower - belt 28.3 tractor
Compression - gas 7:1 Bore & Stroke 4 1/4 inches x 4 inches
Electrical 6 volt positive ground Gears 4 fwd, 1 rev

A 330 Standard with original paint, owned by a neighbor here in NC.
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I would like to add some 330 photos of different models.  If you have a picture of your 330 you would like to share, send it to us.  A jpg image or bitmap image is preferred.  Please send your name, and any info about the tractor you would like and I'll add it to the caption.              Click to email photo.


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